Psyonix New Rocket League Update Surprises Fans With Price Of Blueprints

The latest, in depth and energetic space flight game comes from Psyonix with their ARC Squadron title. Beautifully drawn space scenes, a wealth of possible upgrades and over 60 levels make this a great little investment for hours of space fun. Psyonix New Rocket League Update Surprises Fans With Price Of Blueprints

This game is one of the few that truly runs well under the iOS operating system. Dual platform with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch capability, all you need is the touch of a finger to move around space avoiding asteroids, Guardian fighters, laser fire and missiles! The controls can take a little getting used to and admittedly are easier on a larger screen than a small device, but both work well.

Movement is simple enough by simply dragging your spaceship left or right with the click and drag of your finger. Swiping across makes your ship perform a barrel roll. For weapons, your meaty cannon is generously on auto-fire which makes aiming a matter of moving your spaceship into position. The more vicious homing cannons and smart bombs are selected and fired by tapping the screen.

The game starts off with your spaceship in the hanger where you are given the back-story to the game (The Guardians are trying to destroy the Universe and you are tasked with defeating them). Once this is done, you learn to manoeuvre your ship before you are send out into space. Collecting floating energy cubes, performing barrel rolls on cue and live firing with an array of weaponry. Once you have proved your chops, you are send out into the fray.

The Asteroid belt is your first location. Here you learn how to defend yourself against spaceships trying to shoot you down and pick off the energy cubes. As you do this, your score shoots up.

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