The History of a Paris Magician

Magic – or what people also refer to as the Science of Illusion – may be traced from different cultures during the ancient times from the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. However, as it greatly proliferated over the years, the belief and the execution of such spread mostly over Europe. Although it was considered as an act of heresy and was sinful because of its association to witchcraft, the practice continued until the 18th century in United Kingdom, where any magician London can be part of a magic club established. Visit best animation salon professionnel

In 1905, a magician London named David Devant, along with other amateur and professional magicians, decided to form The Magic Circle while having a meeting at London’s Pinoli Restaurant. Devant, being the greatest magician at his time, became the first President of the society and from then on brought about the increase of membership all over the United Kingdom.

The society was said to have held their first meeting at a public house in Soho but later did it in Langham Place, in a hall, where they also performed and demonstrated their tricks and magic to a very keen and curious public. Aside from their performances, the society also created a magazine that was released every month. It was only on 1998 that the headquarters of The Magic Circle was built in London’s west end in Euston, which is now considered as the most prestigious and world-renown magic and magicians headquarters. The headquarters in Euston do not only serves as the gathering place for magicians but has also been the venue for corporate functions and conferences. It has a museum, containing artefacts and memorabilia of the greatest magicians worth remembering and paying tribute to.

Up to this time, The Magic Circle’s membership has reached 1,500 all over the world and has also formed a club for young magicians with ages 10 to 18 years old, called the Young Magicians Club. It organized magic competitions for both young and professional magicians and have been offering services to folks who want a unique icebreaker during their events. Although the headquarters is located in London and most members are magician London, most members also get a chance to perform outside the country, most especially if one has already become a favourite in corporate and social events.

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