The Magician’s Top Hat

In the past, during our younger years, there were a lot of items and objects that we use to play with especially with catching our childhood friend’s attention. For females, hula hoops usually come in mind because several competitions were there as to whoever keeps the hula hoop rotating for the longest time.

We could also think of a cape. Wearing a cape usually portrays multiple personalities. Such characters include a magician, Batman, Superman, and or a vampire. Thus, we could also remember of playing with top hats. Collapsible top hats were even more interesting because things may be pulled out from it. Additionally, with an added cape on, the outfit results to character of a magician. Hence, everybody wanted to be amused and see magic tricks even though you don’t know how to perform one.

Although you usually see someone wearing a top hat who is a magician, you can also see them worn by some characters even on a movie like “Fred Astaire”, and in some occasions. But notice that we often see them from magicians.

Now if I were to describe a Magicien Monaco outfit to somebody, I’d say a pair of black shoes, black pants, a top hat, a cape, white shirt, and bow tie. How about you? How would you describe to me a picture of a magician? Well maybe were the same, and maybe not. It’s because there are some illusionist nowadays that are wearing outfits apart from what I pictured out. Examples of these magicians are Criss Angel and David Copperfield. But for the magician named Vitelli, he still wears the traditional black suit. On the other hand, you might also see magician attire’s of different colors in the streets of Las Vegas.

So what do magic tricks do you usually remember pertaining to the use of the top hat? Maybe it’s a rabbit that’s pulled out from the top hat or even milk poured down and emptied from the hat as it is turned upside down. Whichever it was, the use of a magician’s top hat still amazes people.

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