Lacrosse Camps

Lax season is just about over and it’s now time to begin looking at Lacrosse summer camps. Lacrosse summer camps are great opportunities for players to learn and re-learn the basics of lacrosse that will improve their game. At Lacrosse camps, players are trained in lacrosse fundamentals and in their specific positions. Collegiate and Professional Lacrosse players use their expertise and vast knowledge of the game to teach young players ways to succeed in the game of Lacrosse. Its now an unwritten law of lacrosse, that aspiring players who dream of playing Lacrosse at an elite level must attend Lacrosse summer camps. They are the only way to develop the skill set necessary to excel in every aspect of the game. Join CT lacrosse club

Lacrosse Camps focus on teaching fundamentals of the game and introducing important life lessons to help young players develop strong lacrosse skills while developing good character. Through positive reinforcement and motivation, campers learn lacrosse skills and key concepts while they compete in fun contests and participate in dynamic drills.

Lacrosse Camps are popping up throughout the country because more players are realizing the importance of year round training. Lacrosse camps can be found in many states such as New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Oregon, New Jersey, California, Connecticut, Tennessee, South Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Virginia, Kansas, Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Utah and Delaware. Most camps take place during the day where players begin their training at 9am and are done around 3pm. However, as the demand increases, more and more camps are being offered for overnight campers where additional instruction is offered. These overnight camps take extreme precaution in ensure the safety of its campers.

A usual day for overnight lacrosse campers consists of the following:

7:30 – Wake Up
8:00 – Breakfast
9-11 – Morning Lacrosse Session (warm-up, drills, stations, position work)
11-12 – Individual Specialty Instruction, Down-time
12:00 – Lunch
2-4 – Afternoon Lacrosse Session (demonstrations, small group scrimmages, team play)
4-5 – Individual Instruction, Contests, Camper/Counselor Challenge, Down-Time
5:00 – Dinner
6:15-8:30 – Evening Lacrosse Session (Team Games/Tournament Play)
9-10:30 – Evening Activities (Movies, Pizza, Game Film, Basketball, Guest Speakers, Weight Room, College Talk)

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