Where to Find RSS Feeds

Subscribing to RSS syndication feeds is really easy and you can find this option in most websites when you are surfing the web. However, if you want to focus on certain topics the first thing that you may consider is to narrow your search. Google is probably the most queried search engine, so you can try it first by searching for the keyword or keywords you are interested in.

Such query will display a wide variety of websites to start with, including blogs, forums, reference websites, and more. This type of research may take too much of your time, and it might be either a rewarding or discouraging experience. Repeating the same routine querying other search engines including Yahoo and Bing can bring additional results and this is mostly what some people do to collect information that later will be added into a RSS directory.

Yes, there are many RSS directories that have already done this job for you already. They have found what websites are offering feeds syndication and have made their listings available to all. Furthermore, those directories classified the sources by topic and therefore are easier find whatever information you might be looking for.

To find those directories use a search engine but type “RSS directory” as the keyword, instead of seeking individual terms. Searching directories however is advisable when accuracy is not a determining factor in your research. Many directories are not updated frequently, and some others were set up many years back and never reviewed again to date.

Other good source to find RSS feeds updated regularly is blogs, but there are also so many online that narrowing the search with the word “blog” plus your sought-after topics is highly recommended. Self-hosted blogs lack of an advantage that free blogs have; a directory-like listing that you can find directly on the provider’s website.

Some popular blogs providers include Blogger, WordPress, MyBlogSite, LiveJournal and Tumblr. Visiting those websites, you can find either blog listings or search tools to find the RSS feeds that you want. The drawback is that free-hosted blogs are not always a reliable information source, opposite to self-hosted.

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