RSS Syndication

RSS feed technology has grown very rapidly over the past few years and is revolutionizing how information is distributed on the Internet. This technology is just as important as the shift from newspaper advertising to Internet directory advertising, providing an even more powerful way to market your products and business.

Feeds allow you to connect your website’s feed to other websites so that the information from your website can be automatically syndicated and redistributed around the Internet. Think of it like Internet exposure times 10!

In the past, bloggers and Internet marketers used to have to manually sign in to all their blogs and other websites to update their information. Nowadays with feeds, all you have to do is connect the feeds between all of your blogs and websites, and they are all updated automatically.

RSS syndication create a bigger digital footprint, using less effort, making it a must for anyone that wants to keep up with the competition.

Feeds are a wonderful way to allow other websites to help promote your products, company information, and ideas. In addition, it lets the people that are most interested in you to subscribe to your feeds so that they will be automatically updated as you update your websites and blogs.

RSS feeds are everywhere. Blogs, online news websites, and a lot of other Internet mediums are using this technology. Example: Facebook and Twitter are like RSS feeds. When you add someone as your friend or follow someone, you are subscribing to their feed of information and you are automatically updated of their status.

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