Practical Mobile Marketing

In this article, we are going to describe powerful mobile marketing methods you can implement in just a few minutes. We will investigate what the industry and the technology allow us to do today, how to persuade people to sign up for your service and which file formats to use when you deliver your content. We will also take a sneak peek on what will happen with mobile marketing in the near future.

The hands-on experience is based on solving marketing problems with the help of InfoNU ( InfoNU is a free web based mobile mass communication platform that supports the latest trends in mobile marketing. With InfoNU you can:

  • Send SMS messages such as personalized alerts and mobile coupons
  • Push mobile content like banners, mp3-songs, ringtones, video clips, visiting cards and java games
  • Push links to mobile websites
  • Create and schedule mobile campaigns
  • Sign up and manage consumers
  • Get your own icon next to the address book and calendar to publish mobile content without cost
  • View statistics on how mobile marketing efforts are received by users

As in all sectors in explosive growth, bright people gravitate towards mobile marketing, create start-up companies, offer solutions and unfortunately also create a big creative mess full of definitions, standards, ideas and solutions. This article series is the authors attempt to untangle the web of technologies into easy-to-use patters you can use in your everyday marketing of your brand, company, products and services.

A second part of this article is planned. In Part 2 we will take a closer look at advanced concepts in mobile marketing like tailor-made mobile applications and mobil marknadsföring community services.

Permission Marketing and What Mobile Marketing is NOT

A mobile phone is a highly personal communication device. Mobile marketing is not about spamming uninterested people with irrelevant SMS messages at 2:00 am. Marketers have to respect this. Never send messages to someone without having their permission. Sending unsolicited SMS messages to people is not good marketing. Aside from the ethical aspect of spam, it does not work and costs you a lot of money. Do not do it.


Seahorse Facts

Dried seahorse for sale online is very unique. This is quite obvious once you look at them and you can see quite clearly how they got their namesake. Their heads look just like a horses. But also they are unique in how they breed and also for the fact that they mate for life!

They are found in tropical temperatures and environments. A seahorse can grow up to be up to 14 inches or they could be as small as half an inch! Perhaps the most incredible thing about sea horses is the fact that the males are the ones who give birth to the young.

Before they breed they must first court each other. This courtship often lasts for several days as they dance with each other. During this dance they might change colors. During the courtship dance they swim side by side holding each others tails or sometimes they grip the same piece of grass almost like their holding hands. After a long time doing this they then engage in the actual courtship dance. This dance often lasts 8 hours long! During this dance the seahorse pumps water into his egg pouch until it opens up from the pressure building inside when the female sees that he is not pregnant she lays eggs in him as they hook up their snouts together and begin to drift. During this time his body starts to swell from the hundreds of eggs while her body begins to thin.

The male then gives off sperm which ferments the eggs at which point he closes his pouch. He then begins to feed his many children. His children develop very quickly in a matter of weeks in fact. During this time he gives them the same hormones that are responsible for baby milk. During this time she visits him every morning for about 6 minutes.

Eventually he is ready to give birth and through muscular contractions his young are born. He usually does this at night so that when the mother comes to him during the next morning they can begin the process a new. They don’t care for their children after birth however because the male keeps them safe until their born (as opposed to just laying the eggs and leaving) the survival rate is higher (though only 5%).


Internet Marketing News

Proven, doable and established businesses and Internet systems or models for making money have never been more plentiful, easier or more inexpensive to conduct. Additionally there is a plethora of business news available online to assist you in setting up your Internet marketing business. It is up to you to do all the necessary research for a program which is designed to suit or fit your requirements. Some of the Internet marketing news is outlined below for your convenience.

Internet and business news opportunities tend to buildup the simplicity of marketing on the Internet and the popularity of purchasing or shopping on the Net or web (e-commerce). But if you don’t have a proper plan of action, then your profits may elude you. The main aim here is to offer marketing news and business news to those people who are searching on the Internet about ways to earn cash from home or to be their own boss or to just plain leave their boring, getting nowhere jobs with workable business instructions, information and models on the most modern technologies which are available to assist you to do well in your business today.

Business training has become simple to obtain and should be acquired for anyone starting a new business. There are several Internet and business experts available to anyone who wants their help to make Internet marketing or business development a breeze for the beginner. You can start your business with an incredible website. Business building software can teach you about a simple set of systems for growing a company or business and earning a profitable online income. In order to start up any type of business you will need to hard work and have discipline and most importantly, create a good plan, which is the key to success to your business.


Relying on Stock Market News of a News Portal

Are you driven by the ‘get rich quick’ myth? Do not get into the trap. It is easy to lose but difficult to win. You will need enough patience and require adequate knowledge to make a mark in the stock market. Once you are confident and have set goals with the right strategies and once you are able to learn the intricacies of the trade, only then can you venture for good returns. You should be able to exactly find out key market information or market statistics from the live marketing news.

For many novice investors, the various data, charts, and lists exhibited in the live stocks seem a bundle of confusion. You need to equip yourself with the power of deciphering the right stock recommendations. You may come across a number of stock recommendations in the live stock news but it is choosing potential stocks that matters.

How important is stock info towards the achievement of your trading goals? The importance cannot be measured because if you are not informed of what is happening in the market, about market fluctuations, about the movement of stock prices, about which sector is gaining, and related paraphernalia, you will stay far behind. It is only market news that will keep you updated with the latest stock trends. Now, the question is where can you read or view relevant stock market news that which carries detailed information about every incident about the stock.

Obviously it is a news portal. You cannot rely on newspapers because up-to-the-minute market news cannot be published; you do get an overview of the last day’s or last week’s performance of the market in the print media. You can rely a bit on television stock market news but you may not get detailed information of what exactly you want as most news items are covered in a matter of half an hour or an hour. It is only a news portal, preferably a stock news portal that will well serve your purpose.


Cross Browser Compatibility Testing

Web browser compatibility testing sounds rather technical and confusing – something you ought to let your web developer deal with. The problem is that if your website is not compatible with the plethora of browsers available, it will affect your business reputation. Indeed, before you know it there could be Tweets about you, your website could be discussed in Facebook and who knows how many blog posts slagging you off their might be. Click the link below for Brave Browser Download

Yesterday, my friend Andrew Palmer from Marketing Collateral sent me an email pointing out there was a problem with my website when it was viewed in Internet Explorer 7. Some recent changes to my home page had installed a script. When I checked the page in Firefox 3.5 and then in Internet Explorer 8, everything was fine. So I went on my humble way.

The problem for me is that 13% of my visitors use Internet Explorer 7. That’s a sizeable chunk of people who were no longer able to access my website. You see, it wasn’t that the page did not load correctly, it was the fact that the page did not load at all. It also did not load in IE6, representing another 5% of my website visitors. Altogether, the changes I had made were blocking around one in every five people from being able to see my website.

Thinking I had tested the site by looking at it in the latest browsers was clearly inadequate. I know from my analytics program, Clicky, that around 60% of my visitors use either Firefox 3.5 or Internet Explorer 8. So when I tested my new page, I was happy that the vast majority of people could see the site OK. I assumed – wrongly – that if IE8 could see the page, other versions of Internet Explorer would also be able to do so.

Clearly, you can’t check all the different browsers easily on your own computer. If you install Internet Explorer 8, for instance, it merely upgrades version 7. In the past week visitors to my website used 37 different web browsers. To check that my site is compatible with all those browsers I’d really need 37 computers…!

Luckily there are services online which can help. For instance, you can go to NetMechanic and buy their “Browser Photo” service. For a fee of $15 they will test your site on 12 different browsers. Or if you want unlimited use it’s $150 per year per domain. That’s going to work out to be quite expensive if you have several domains – and with only the 12 main browser/computer configurations being checked, it would leave me short of the 37 I need to achieve.

Other paid services include SortSite, BrowserCam and Cross Browser Testing. But none of them had the right price/feature combination I was happy with.


Lacrosse Camps

Lax season is just about over and it’s now time to begin looking at Lacrosse summer camps. Lacrosse summer camps are great opportunities for players to learn and re-learn the basics of lacrosse that will improve their game. At Lacrosse camps, players are trained in lacrosse fundamentals and in their specific positions. Collegiate and Professional Lacrosse players use their expertise and vast knowledge of the game to teach young players ways to succeed in the game of Lacrosse. Its now an unwritten law of lacrosse, that aspiring players who dream of playing Lacrosse at an elite level must attend Lacrosse summer camps. They are the only way to develop the skill set necessary to excel in every aspect of the game. Join CT lacrosse club

Lacrosse Camps focus on teaching fundamentals of the game and introducing important life lessons to help young players develop strong lacrosse skills while developing good character. Through positive reinforcement and motivation, campers learn lacrosse skills and key concepts while they compete in fun contests and participate in dynamic drills.

Lacrosse Camps are popping up throughout the country because more players are realizing the importance of year round training. Lacrosse camps can be found in many states such as New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Oregon, New Jersey, California, Connecticut, Tennessee, South Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Virginia, Kansas, Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Utah and Delaware. Most camps take place during the day where players begin their training at 9am and are done around 3pm. However, as the demand increases, more and more camps are being offered for overnight campers where additional instruction is offered. These overnight camps take extreme precaution in ensure the safety of its campers.

A usual day for overnight lacrosse campers consists of the following:

7:30 – Wake Up
8:00 – Breakfast
9-11 – Morning Lacrosse Session (warm-up, drills, stations, position work)
11-12 – Individual Specialty Instruction, Down-time
12:00 – Lunch
2-4 – Afternoon Lacrosse Session (demonstrations, small group scrimmages, team play)
4-5 – Individual Instruction, Contests, Camper/Counselor Challenge, Down-Time
5:00 – Dinner
6:15-8:30 – Evening Lacrosse Session (Team Games/Tournament Play)
9-10:30 – Evening Activities (Movies, Pizza, Game Film, Basketball, Guest Speakers, Weight Room, College Talk)


Leptitox Nutrition Supplement

An example of complementary medicine would be for a surgeon to allow a patient to meditate or use an energy therapy before and after surgery. These therapies don’t interfere in the surgery and they often contribute to the psychological well being of the patient.

Much of the rise of complementary medicine can be attributed to the increased knowledge of non Western cultures such as China and the growing respect for their values and traditions. Many the treatments and techniques in alternate medicine are taken from Chinese, Indian and other Asian culture. Click the link below for leptitox

Another reason why complementary medicine has become popular is the changing attitude towards patients on the part of doctors and other health professionals. In countries like the United States, Britain and Germany doctors were considered as all wise and all knowing experts on health matters until recent decades. This attitude meant that many doctors held their patients thoughts and opinions in contempt.

Today doctors and other health professionals are taught to respect their patients and their opinions. Part of the reason for this respect is the growing number of women doctors. Women are often more empathetic and understanding than men are. Until quite recently most doctors were men and they were taught to boss their patients around.

Since doctors have to respect their patients opinions they have to listen to their ideas about medicine. This means doctors are forced to take patients beliefs into account and respect them.

Complementary Medicine Equals Opportunity

The spread of complementary medicine is creating many opportunities for alternative healthcare professionals. Many medical clinics, hospitals and other healthcare facilities are now employing chiropractors, herbalists, acupuncturists and other alternate medical practitioners.

Some medical facilities now have such professionals on staff and offer many alternate treatments to their patients on a regular basis. It is very common for chiropractors and massage therapists to be involved in physical therapy and patient rehabilitation for example.

Many practitioners of conventional medicine also recognize the healing potential of some alternative practices. Prayer and meditation are widely recognized as being beneficial to the healing process. Patients who engage in these practices may develop a better attitude and recover faster.

This means that there will be growing opportunities for conventional and alternatives healthcare workers. Many healthcare providers will be looking for professionals who have knowledge of both.

How to Take Advantage of Career Opportunities in Complementary Medicine

Complementary medicine is going to be the future of medicine. Patients will increasingly expect healthcare professionals to have knowledge of both conventional and alternate therapies.


Bitcoin – At the Crossroads of the Future

As people all over the world increase their awareness about the crypto-currency revolution, investment experts are lining up to express their opinions. In recent weeks, the pro-crypto forecasters are predicting numbers that defy gravity. It’s not uncommon to see a prognosticator on TV explaining why they believe Bitcoin is destined to hit anywhere between $250,000 and $500,000 per coin within the next two years. At $500,000, the coin would have to increase more that 6000% from it’s current levels. The numbers are mind-boggling. Viist Crypto currency world

On the other side of the fence, we find the naysayers. There are plenty of well-respected financial analyst who aren’t afraid to warn people about the investment bubble. Some even admit that crypto-currencies might still have some play left in them, but sooner or later, the bubble is going to burst, and people are going to get hurt. To drive home their point, they only need to reflect on the IPO bubble of 2001.

The Technical Hurdles

The crypto-currency revolution is still in its infancy. As such, most coins, Bitcoin included, are trading without historical indicators to help investors. It is a free market in the purest form. Unfortunately, free market trading is susceptible to influence from all directions. Therein lies the rub for crypto-currency investors. With no history to fall back on, investors have to make decisions based on their gut.

The obstacles that complicate the decision-making process for Bitcoin investors are plenty. The coin is always susceptible to the technical aspects of trading. The exponential increase in price is being driven by high demand and scarce product. Still, investors get a little antsy when the price increases too much, too fast. Then we see the typical correction that comes when an investment becomes over bought. The problem is these corrections are proving to be harsh, which tests the mettle of investors who aren’t used to such high levels of volatility.


The Magician’s Top Hat

In the past, during our younger years, there were a lot of items and objects that we use to play with especially with catching our childhood friend’s attention. For females, hula hoops usually come in mind because several competitions were there as to whoever keeps the hula hoop rotating for the longest time.

We could also think of a cape. Wearing a cape usually portrays multiple personalities. Such characters include a magician, Batman, Superman, and or a vampire. Thus, we could also remember of playing with top hats. Collapsible top hats were even more interesting because things may be pulled out from it. Additionally, with an added cape on, the outfit results to character of a magician. Hence, everybody wanted to be amused and see magic tricks even though you don’t know how to perform one.

Although you usually see someone wearing a top hat who is a magician, you can also see them worn by some characters even on a movie like “Fred Astaire”, and in some occasions. But notice that we often see them from magicians.

Now if I were to describe a Magicien Monaco outfit to somebody, I’d say a pair of black shoes, black pants, a top hat, a cape, white shirt, and bow tie. How about you? How would you describe to me a picture of a magician? Well maybe were the same, and maybe not. It’s because there are some illusionist nowadays that are wearing outfits apart from what I pictured out. Examples of these magicians are Criss Angel and David Copperfield. But for the magician named Vitelli, he still wears the traditional black suit. On the other hand, you might also see magician attire’s of different colors in the streets of Las Vegas.

So what do magic tricks do you usually remember pertaining to the use of the top hat? Maybe it’s a rabbit that’s pulled out from the top hat or even milk poured down and emptied from the hat as it is turned upside down. Whichever it was, the use of a magician’s top hat still amazes people.


The History of a Paris Magician

Magic – or what people also refer to as the Science of Illusion – may be traced from different cultures during the ancient times from the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. However, as it greatly proliferated over the years, the belief and the execution of such spread mostly over Europe. Although it was considered as an act of heresy and was sinful because of its association to witchcraft, the practice continued until the 18th century in United Kingdom, where any magician London can be part of a magic club established. Visit best animation salon professionnel

In 1905, a magician London named David Devant, along with other amateur and professional magicians, decided to form The Magic Circle while having a meeting at London’s Pinoli Restaurant. Devant, being the greatest magician at his time, became the first President of the society and from then on brought about the increase of membership all over the United Kingdom.

The society was said to have held their first meeting at a public house in Soho but later did it in Langham Place, in a hall, where they also performed and demonstrated their tricks and magic to a very keen and curious public. Aside from their performances, the society also created a magazine that was released every month. It was only on 1998 that the headquarters of The Magic Circle was built in London’s west end in Euston, which is now considered as the most prestigious and world-renown magic and magicians headquarters. The headquarters in Euston do not only serves as the gathering place for magicians but has also been the venue for corporate functions and conferences. It has a museum, containing artefacts and memorabilia of the greatest magicians worth remembering and paying tribute to.

Up to this time, The Magic Circle’s membership has reached 1,500 all over the world and has also formed a club for young magicians with ages 10 to 18 years old, called the Young Magicians Club. It organized magic competitions for both young and professional magicians and have been offering services to folks who want a unique icebreaker during their events. Although the headquarters is located in London and most members are magician London, most members also get a chance to perform outside the country, most especially if one has already become a favourite in corporate and social events.